Quit straining yourself to mount your Cub. This step is almost ten inches below the Cub platform for ease in getting on your Cub.




It can be a long step up to the seat for a lot of people. This can be a hinderance for many who enjoy the use of their Cub


With the step installed the user can easily get up onto the platform.


The 1/8" diamond plate step top is not about to give way. Using 5/8" steel rod provides plenty of support and helps to keep the step from bending from weight. Don't be fooled by those cheaper ones on Ebay, many of those use 1/2" rod which will bend with continued use.


A critical point is the top support.  This prevents the step from swinging rearward when weight is on the step.  Using 3/16" steel ensures there is less likelihood of the ears bending causing the step to swing out from under your foot.  Here again, some of the Ebay steps use thinner metal.


Check out the other steps out there and see if they are as heavy duty as these.


These come painted in red primer. 



$45.00 each

plus $12.00 shipping


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