What Is Meant By "Save The Cub"?

This is not a "how to" web site.  If you are looking for information on how to do a particular job please check out www.farmallcub.com.  The folks there have put together a great section that shows you how to do many repairs simply and safely.


Save The Cub, located near, Cincinnati Ohio, is intended to showcase the many Farmall Cub tractors that are saved from the scrap pile by anyone who has the desire to put a little time and effort into one.  This site will, hopefully, provide an avenue for collectors, restorers or just your regular neighborhood guy to brag about their pride and joy.



Cub Stories

There are many stories out there about Cubs.  Anybody who has one wants to talk about it.  Here are several from Farmallcub. com that will keep you entertained for a while.  Check them out Here.


Browse around and please, enjoy the site!

You can go from looking like this...

Photo of Barnyard's #6


...to this...

Photo of George Willer's "Sandy"


...Or you can leave it alone!  It's yours to do with as you wish.


Stock photos with your thoughts are just as welcome.  Even ugly can be beautiful.


Check out some of the great work by others Here


Who am I?

Why do I like Cubs?

I'm just your typical, everyday Tractor fan.  Well okay, it goes a little deeper than that. Want to know more about me?  I will tell you a little about myself here.


Shop Time


When I'm not working on my barn, or garden or attending a CubFest somewhere around the country, I'll probably be out in the shop with one of the Cubs.  It sure is relaxing working on these whether alone or with a group of friends.

A Little About The Cub!

In 1947 the Farmall Cub was introduced to the American farmer.  This little critter was meant to help the small farmer who relied on horse drawn equipment. 


These farmers could not afford, nor did they need, mammoth farm machines to do their work.  The cub fit right in for them since little is what was best to do their job.


So it was that McCormick-Farmall created something they never intended - They created today's latest craze - "Cub Collecting".


Today, many people around the world, from those with big farms to your neighbor with the 1/3 acre suburban lot, are restoring these little tractors for use in their garden, mow grass, push snow or just to drive in their town's Memorial Day Parade.


This site is intended to introduce you not only to the Cub, but also to the men and women dedicated to shedding the blood, sweat and tears involved in bringing the Cub back to life.




Have You Seen Me?

Does your Cub have a dash like this?  If so how about letting us know the year and at least the first three numbers in the serial number.

There is very little information on this type dash and we are trying to determine it's origin. 

Story here.


Watch Out Dog!



My first tractor and pet - September 1954.  "Bo" was my best friend.  He was very protective of the family.  Mom always said my uncle would act like he was going to get me just so he could see Bo go into action.

Poppy's Cub

Dusti Snider of Mercer County, West Virginia has fond memories of his grandparents, their small farm and the Cub that did the work.


Dusti shares a little bit of those memories with us and takes us back in time.


Check it out Here  


How about you?

Would you like to showcase the work you have done on your Cub? How about a time back when you were young and your Cub belonged to a relative. It's easy! All you do is write the story and take the pictures.  Send those to this website and we will post it here for all to see.  It can be a total restoration or you can share the story of an overhaul. 


How about all that work you do with your Cub. It doesn't just sit around doing nothing, does it?  Grab some shots of it plowing, mowing, disking, anything and send them in.


It's all very easy.  Email the pix with a story outline to  me and I'll do the rest.


Don't worry about sizing your photos I will do that for you so it fits. And, just to show you I can be a nice guy,  I will also speel chek the story fer ewe.  Click here to send that story.


Please understand , these will be posted as time allows and in the order received.   (If I don't forget the order)




Need Help With A Repair?

You need to go directly to Farmallcub.com. The men and women there can steer you in the right direction quickly and easily. 


Responses to your request are always friendly and you can rely on the answer you receive.  Check 'em out.  You'll be glad you did.

(Pumpkin Launchers optional)



Read about some of the saved Cubs Here


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